Why is It Important to Check Car Insurance While Purchasing a Used Car?

Checking car insurance and every single aspect of the car is important because, most of the time, the request gets rejected in case there is any mishappening with the vehicle. To avoid all these things, it is beneficial for you to get an approval from the deemed insurance policy. This is the only way through which you will get the authenticity and car insurance as an owner.

Documents Required

For this, there are some documents required which are highly important. You need to carry them for transferring and claiming insurance under your name. These are listed as proof of selling the vehicle, proof of delivering the vehicle under your possession, issue of RC book in the owner’s name, doing request from the seller ends for canceling any type of policy issues, and need of an application for transferring the policy in your name.

Where to Buy Used Cars?

If you are confused about where you can buy a used car, then you can also check an online website that sells used cars. This is because there are so many cars for sale available at amazing deals and offers, which might become a budget-friendly option for you.

How to Do Document Verification?

The most important step is to go with proper document verification. This is necessary so that you will get to know about the legality of the seller on the car. For checking the duplication of the certification, you can cross-question and also do the checking by yourself. In case you are buying the car from a dealer, then make sure that you have properly checked the RC.

Transferring Insurance Under Owners Name

You get the option to transfer the proportional premium paid into the insurance policy which you have taken while making a purchase. This is important because when you pay for the premium and sell the car before six months, then you can simply tell the buyer to share the premium.

Time Period of Transferring Insurance

If you have finally made the decision to buy a car, then it is a must for you to transfer the insurance policy of the car in your name, and you will get the new policy within 14 days.

The new owner of the car can still retain and acquire all the following benefits by getting a car. Here, the following documents required for transferring NCB are the original policy letter, certification of the insurance, application for issuing the certification, etc.

Doing Potential Modification

In case you want to any modification of the used car, like converting it into a dual-fuel automobile or changing the colour, then it is important for you to know that it is not a good idea. A lot of new owners of used cars are trying to do these things, which have become highly expensive for them.

If you are doing this with a new model or car, then it will be preferable for you, but in the case of an old car, it is not recommended to do any type of modification.

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